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ImagePlease find a selection of commonly asked questions regarding Loft Conversions and Loft Conversion Work.

Can I get a free estimate?
Absolutely, our estimates are all free and are valid for 1 month

Can you arrange for electrics, plumbing and heating to be included in the quotation?
We can arrange for electrics, plumbing and heating to be included in your loft conversion. All our electricians and plumbers have all the appropriate certification to carry out the work.

Can any loft be converted into usable living or leisure space?
Most people only use the loft space for storage, owing to the restrictions caused by the roof structure and all the angled timber trusses. Provided there are no structural problems associated with the roof or house itself, an experienced loft conversion specialists like Starr Lofts can correctly restructure the roof timbers in such a way that virtually any loft area can be converted into useable living space like bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens

My loft is quite small, will it still be suitable for conversion?
The loft area measured corner to corner is actually the largest floor space in the whole property. With careful planning and imagination and the use of dormer extensions and windows where appropriate, the loft can usually be transformed into virtually any type of room you want.

Can I convert my trussed rafter roof?
Usually we can but this requires additional support to the rafters which is included in our design.

Is my roof high enough for a conversion?
Without being too obvious; if you can’t stand upright in the roof space than it is highly unlikely that you will be able to plan a loft conversion without considerable expense being allocated to the project. Basically it may well be economically unviable.

If however you can stand upright, and even better raise an arm above your head, than you’re in business. Really you should be looking for a minimum amount of headroom of 2.2 to 2.3 meters. Don’t worry if this headroom is only available in the centre of the roof space; by installing even a small dormer this space is massively multiplied. There isn't much point having an extra room if you can't stand up in it!

Will I require planning permission?
You may require planning permission or a certificate of lawful development. This will be determined by our Architect.

How long does the planning process take?
Full planning applications take approximately 3 months and the certificate of lawful development takes approximately 8 weeks.

Can I view completed loft conversions?
Of course, we have plenty happy customers who would be willing to show you their completed loft conversion.

How long will the loft conversion work take?
This will vary considerably depending on the features required and the complexity of the project. As a rule of thumb however, a standard, one-bedroom conversion will normally be completed within ????? weeks

Will I have to move out of the house during the building works?
The construction of your loft conversion is carried out from the outside, all materials are taken into the loft through the roof, and the only time we are working within the living quarters of your home is when we fit the staircase at the end of the construction period. Therefore it is not necessary for you to move out of the house during construction.

Will the work be supervised?
All our work is supervised by Max Starr, the owner of Starr Lofts. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any alterations you may wish to have during the construction of your new room. We also assure that the quality of the work is to the standard of our company.

Is your work guaranteed?
All the work carried out by this company carries our company guarantee. All of our customers, irrespective of order value receive a comprehensive ten-year defective workmanship and faulty materials guarantee, thereby ensuring full satisfaction in the quality of the installation

Can I have a part conversion so I can complete the works myself?
We can provide a package that includes planning, approvals, structural floor, stairs, and dormer/Velux. This is a minimum package which enables you to complete all the internal works yourselves.

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