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Is my loft suitable

ImageIt is possible to convert any loft space from a dusty old draughty loft space into clean, dry, safe and light storage space. However to convert your loft into a habitable real extension to your living space, that could be a bedroom(s), playroom, or home office (with or without plumbing for a bathroom/shower room) there are strict criteria set out by the local building control departments throughout the country.

Roof type
Most lofts within UK properties can be converted; though some are much easier to convert than are others. If your property was build prior to 1960 or has a steeply pitched roof then there is nothing to worry about and you should be able to convert a loft quiet easily giving you the headroom you require.

But, if your home was typically built between 1962 and 1972 (ish) than you may have problems because the roof is likely to have a very shallow pitch. The problem with a property having a very shallow pitched roof is that, to plan a loft conversion successfully, that roof will have to be raised. Structurally, this isn’t such a big deal but the problem with raising the property above the existing roofline means that planning permission must be sought from the local authority. This can of course lead to all sorts of disputes, delays and expense.

Without being too obvious; if you can’t stand upright in the roof space than it is Imagehighly unlikely that you will be able to plan a loft conversion without considerable expense being allocated to the project. Basically it may well be economically unviable.

If however you can stand upright, and even better raise an arm above your head, than you’re in business. Really you should be looking for a minimum amount of headroom of 2.2 to 2.3 meters. Don’t worry if this headroom is only available in the centre of the roof space; by installing even a small dormer this space is massively multiplied. There isn't much point having an extra room if you can't stand up in it!

State of repair
While you are checking out the headroom in the roof space don’t forget to have a look at the general state of repair of the roof and the walls. If any work needs doing, for example re-pointing, then it may as well be done at the same time as you convert a loft.

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