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Up or Out?

ImageDeciding whether to build up in your loft or out in your outdoor areas shouldn’t be a difficult decision….
Converting existing roof spaces can be the most ideal, easiest and cheapest way of increasing living area in many houses without eating into your valuable garden space.
The existing structure and roofing can often be utilised, thus reducing construction costs, by avoiding excavations for new foundations, and the moving of underground drainage or other services.


Costs involved in moving include estate agent’s fees, solicitor’s fees and removal fees. With the recent falls in property prices increasing numbers of people are now deciding that it's better to move up rather than out. Making use of the otherwise wasted space in your loft is a great solution to your space problems.


If you decide to move you will have the stress and hassle that goes hand in hand with moving home, such as moving children to another school, worries about finding a buyer for your home, long chains and securing a new mortgage.

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